Big Performance in a compact size

  As of June 20/2022 I am retiring  after 56 years  

  THE 14 Models of HF Antenna line is for sale with machinery to build these antennas including a three axis CNC mill with programmable indexer making 4 axis, with quick change tooling and the 3 Kurt angle vises, Rotory cut off saw,with chip collector, 4 1/2 ton Air over hydraulic press with 10 spoke sheer ,spoke bender and more,  Coil winding lathe ,2 cubic ft tumbler for burring and cleaning parts, 12 ft two sided tubing rack , two 6ft racks for tubing parts. Some fiberglass and aluminum tubing .

 World wide dealer network can be picked back up   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , TEL 1-519-271-5928   

   Two antennas left in stock for sale

   One  U440-11  FM 440 11 element Yagi----$153.95 can

   One     QCB-1  2 Element CB Antenna--------------------$269.95  can

   I can still send Manuals to customer that need them by PDF files






Model QCB-1  Ultra-Minature  CB Quad Antenna


     MQ-26  Hybrid Quad  Compact 2 element 6 bands 20,17,15,12,10 and 6 meters with tuner 


    B-246 Compact 2 element 6 bands 40,20,17,15,10,6 and 12 meters with a tuner



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