Big Performance in a compact size

System 1





The left rack to changed in the future.

Repeater map coverage base on a mobile with 50 watt VHF , 35 watt UHF and 1/2 wave antenna mounted in the center of the cars roof.

Weather Radio Update Nov27/15

The new WX-250 weather radio with same codes using 162.475 MHz added with London transmitter to
controls the southern repeaters. The weather controller has advanced features and all features have been installed, for versatillity

The new WX-200 weather controller using SAME codes and automatic watch and warning voice messages, is wired into the Listowel link radio in Stratford and now using 162.400MHz
Goderich weather transmitter, send severe weather statements for 3 minutes, then after voice messages for watches and warnings .
The same codes are for these regions:           On VA3LIS Listowel 147.120  MHz + 114.8 Ct
 1/  Stratford -  Mitchell - Southern Perth County
 2/  Goderich-  Bluewater- Southern Huron County
 3/  Listowel -Milverton -Northern Perth County
 4/ Wingham - Blyth - Northern Huron County
 5/ Saugeen Shores - Kincardine - Southern Bruce County
 6/ Hanover - Dundalk - Southern Grey County
 7/ Mount Forest - Arthur - Northern Wellington County



TGM Communication 

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