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VHF and UHF Antenna Price ListCanadian Dollars




VHF/UHF Vertical Base Antennas


UVS-200 Dual band base antenna 2M 6 dB /70 cm 8 dB————–——–$96.46


UVS-300 Dual band base antenna 2M 8.3 dB/70 cm 11.7 dB——–———$135.40


TS-10 Tri- band base antenna 2M 6.2dB/ 70cm 8.6 dB/ 6M 3dB                                


Better than Q wave---------------------------------------------------------------$128.32


       TS-20 Tri- band base antenna 2M 6.5dB/222 7.8 dB/ 70cm 9dBi                                          


Better than Q wave--------------------------------------------------------------------$128.32






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